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What the Future Looks Like for Customer Experience
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CX executives or customer experience executives face a wide range of challenges in meeting the expectations of customers. Customers haven’t gotten more complex per se but they have gotten smarter.

Technology has empowered them to do their own research, develop their own game plans for getting what they want or need, and picking the best companies to meet their personal goals.

CX executives are tasked with creating a customer experience that is second to none and staying ahead in the fast-paced business world. In short, CX directors must have an aptitude for technology, be able to understand data and analytics, and put together the right team to meet the scope and scale of company goals.

So what are some of the hurdles that CX executives must face?

#1 Too many channels

Customer experience involves the use of many different devices and channels. But since each is treated as a unique action, it is hard to keep data from all these devices in place. Being able to see all actions in one central location is critical for maintaining messages across multiple channels.

#2 Money

The customer experience isn’t tangible so it is hard to put a monetary value on it. When senior management cannot track or quantify the value of adding mobile apps or having a better website, they feel their money is simply going through a pocket with holes.

#3 Education

While marketing in over 60% of organizations surveyed is currently in charge of customer experience, the two are not the same. CX managers have to be in control of their own education and must also work to ensure the goals within the realm of meeting customer’s needs are noted and quantifiable.

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