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What the 4th Industrial Revolution Has in Store for Product-Oriented Companies

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, product-oriented companies like manufacturers, retailers, and software developers are undergoing a major transformation. This revolution is not only affecting the way products are designed and tested, but also the way they’re manufactured, delivered, and maintained. This revolution is changing the way people in these industries think about their industries and creating an entirely new world for them.

As this change happens, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the possibilities, and get distracted by the amount of options that may not be the most feasible for your business. This is why it is essential to plan your path to success as you navigate the new revolution.

Oracle has put together a white paper to help your product-oriented company navigate through the industrial revolution. With more than 56% of manufacturers ready to invest in fourth industrial revolution initiatives, it is essential that these companies know the best way to take in all these changes and how to apply them. Download this whitepaper for a better understanding of ways to navigate through the new industrial revolution.