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What Is Lead Generation
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We’ve all experienced this at least once in our lifetimes. You’re about to head out the door for work or sit down for dinner with your family and then the phone rings.

“Hello. This is Peter Popoaloach calling with an important message about your software preferences.”

If we’re honest, it’s annoying and frustrating, and maybe even a little bit disrespectful.

Now instead of annoying cold calls, there is lead generation. Lead generation is the “marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.”

As the buying process evolves, marketers must find449 new ways to combat the noise of other marketing campaigns and reach buyers where they are. Instead of finding customers through mass email mailings and cold calling, marketers focus on effectiveness and relationship building.

Since lead generation is step one of the sales processes, quantity and quality are very important. Buyers have learned to ignore the message that are not relevant or appealing to them and research on their own what they want to know about a certain product or service.

This makes your company’s digital presence more important. Today, buyers are more likely to find sellers than the other way around. A solid lead generation strategy will help you build trust and get and maintain the interest of potential buyers before they even are ready to talk to sales.