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What Is Customer-Driven Learning and Innovation
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Jason and his product development team have been working tirelessly on a highly scalable cloud platform that is specific to fast-growing small businesses. He knows his team is brilliant and feels he has a great product that is also cost effective.

However, Jason knows he can be amazingly bias to his own work. How can he find out whether his product is just as good as he thinks in the marketplace of small business owners? What are the behaviours and data that lie behind the minds of Jason’s customers?

The fastest way for Jason to start getting some answers is to implement opportunities for customers to give feedback or leave comments about the products they have purchased. Customer feedback can turn into a treasure chest of information and innovation.

Jason finds this to be a great idea and brings it before his team who quickly agree that customer feedback could help them improve their product offerings. Creating new sources of customer value over time has become one of the primary differentiators of gaining a competitive advantage in almost every market.

Jason and his team think about several ways to do this. They discover that companies that enhance and learn from their customers’ experiences have three main competencies that help them to deliver grater customer value:

#1…Listening posts that capture sentiment across all channels.

#2…Customer-centric alignment that makes it possible for companies to act and adapt rapidly.

#3…Learning systems that use digital intelligence to spark and enable human ingenuity.

This process of learning and innovating based on customer feedback is known as customer-driven learning. And, more companies are incorporating this process into their operations.

Combining these three competencies helps to multiple the effect and enables customer experience leaders to drive changes in performance. Conscious alignment of these components will ensure new customer value is produced faster and continuously.

If you want to know how mastering customer-driven learning and innovation can help you achieve and sustain customer experience leadership, click the link below for more information.