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What Is a Content Hub
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Hi! My name is Josh.

I’ve been hearing my friends talk a lot about Content Hubs recently and how they’re much more efficient than a Content Management System. Since I have no idea what the difference between a Content Hub and a CMS is, my friends have decided to explain to me a few benefits of using a Content Hub over a CMS.

Benefit 1) Teams Move Faster

One major benefit my friends tell me about using a Content Hub is that it helps teams move faster. Content Hubs help teams outpace the competition by being first to market when an opportunity arises, giving them a head start in shipping digital products faster by connecting to the pre-existing backend, development, workflows and marketing services they need.

Benefit 2) Low Risk, Big Reward

My friends also tell me that using a content hub is a safe bet because it allows me to verify ideas as I go and scale-up through the organization at a comfortable speed. Using a Content Hub also doesn’t require me to replace my CMS allowing me to pilot-in-parallel instead.

Benefit 3) Unified and Connected

Another benefit of using a Content Hub over a CMS is that they’re unified and connected meaning they play well with other systems in my arsenal including existing Content Management Systems. Content Hubs also drive more ROI from the platforms I’ve already invested in and even remove silos and multiple content management systems, teams, and business units.

Many companies today have huge amounts of software, solutions and tools, disparate systems, and siloed content, and without a map or curation system, it’s easy to get lost long before they can find the item they’re looking for. This is why using a Content Hub can dramatically help these organizations.

If you want to learn more about what a Content Hub is, click the link below for more information.