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What Do Multi-Channel Customers Want

Customers today require human communication combined with the speed and efficiency of automated services. This is, understandably, difficult for companies due to the increasing levels of customer expectation and the fast-changing technical landscape of customer communications. While this challenge is important and perplexing, Zendesk helps companies understand what multi-channel customers want in their Multi-Channel Customer Care Report.

While understanding what multi-channel customers want can be a challenge, it is also an opportunity for companies who are willing to face this challenge head-on. When you use the increasing number of channels for customer communications as part of a thoughtful, dynamic customer service strategy, you can easily meet the increasing demands of your customers.

Want to learn how to create this dynamic customer service strategy? Download this informative whitepaper compiled by Zendesk, a leading provider of customer service solutions, to learn what your multi-channel customers want and how you can deliver these wants to them seamlessly.