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What Digital Transformation Looks Like in Modern Laboratories

The advent of Digital Transformation has changed many industries for the better with improved efficiency and productivity. Modern laboratories have been making this switch as well in recent years to great success.

With laboratories need of data monitoring, QC monitoring, and real-time data analysis, utilizing digital transformation is a no-brainer. With vast amounts of data being stored, the security of that data is also paramount to a modern laboratory. This is also a field where digital transformation improves it ten-fold over the traditional ways of doing business.

Workflow and management of laboratory systems are also streamlined and improved through digital transformation with improved accuracy and improved efficiency in resource management and automation management as well. Digital transformation in the modern laboratory field is known as LIMS or Laboratory Information Management Systems.

Laboratories which implement LIMS see an increase in efficiency across the board with some tasks like Documentations of Lab Values become automated under LIMS software. Major Companies (Shell and Müller) and actual Countries (Ireland – Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine) have all made the switch to LIMS software within their lab infrastructures.

Solution4Labs has provided LIMS software for modern laboratories for many years. Solution4Lsbs is an Authorized Distributor of one of the best LIMS software makers on the planet, ThermoFisher Scientific SampleManager.