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What Consumers Look for When Engaging with Brands

When customers engage with brands, they expect to receive an experience that is completely catered to them. Each customer has different wants and needs and a company that can address these when engaging with a customer will come out on top compared to companies that cannot provide this unique experience. To be able to offer the best experiences to your customers, a strong foundation of trust needs to be created and communication needs to flow freely to gain meaningful insights about your customers.

SAP Hybris has conducted a survey interviewing over 20,000 customers worldwide to better understand what they look for when engaging with brands. This survey not only outlines what makes the relationship customers have with brands work but also what makes or breaks a customer’s experience. A wide range of ages and nationalities in 20 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin American, the Middle East, and North America were interviewed.

This comprehensive whitepaper outlines the results of this survey and provides helpful relationship counseling to improve the relationship your brand has with its customers. Learn more about what customers look for when engaging with your brand by downloading this informative whitepaper.