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What Better Data Visualization Looks Like
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Dana is an IT professional who wants to decrease the amount of confusion between co-workers by creating better data visualization methods.

Dana knows that in today’s world, successful decision-making has everything to do with turning data insights into action and that the main goal of data visualization is impact, not numbers.

To help her achieve her goal, Dana discovers a few ways she can achieve better data visualization.

Since one size doesn’t fit all, Dana must use different kinds of visualizations that will tell the most truthful stories and best answer the questions at hand.

When it comes to charts, bar charts are best for comparing categories, bullet charts are great for representing progress, and histograms are the best way to represent distribution. When Dana wants to represent a regional analysis, geographical maps will help her tell a more compelling story.

Color is one of the most powerful aesthetic features and can immediately highlight specific insights or identify outliers. Dana learns that when she is creating data visualization, she shouldn’t use similar colors for different dimensions or measures.

Size should be used to draw emphasis to key messages and when it comes to map charts, mark sizes should be based on the range of values on the map. Text size should also be readable and convey her information in a way that co-workers will understand.

Now that Dana knows how to make her data visualization efforts more effective, she is ready to get all employees on the same page.

If you want to learn more about what better data visualization looks like, click the link below for more information.