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Understanding the Landscape of Customer Experience Personalization
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John is the marketing manager at a large company. One Wednesday, he decides to host a meeting with the entire marketing department to discuss the changing landscape of customer experience and personalization.

John begins the meeting by explaining that when formulating a customer experience strategy, it is important to explore the full personalization spectrum. This means understanding factors of the overarching customer experience, not just a snapshot, to tailor experiences to each customer.

The full personalization spectrum illustrates how personalization can assist with goals such as: reducing customer effort, shrinking inbound call volume, increasing revenue, and building lasting customer relationships.

Personalization is the idea of tailoring a customer’s experience to the individual interests, behaviors, needs, and preferences of customers.

The full personalization spectrum includes:

  • Polite personalization

This approach is about demonstrating superficial recognition of the customer and does not involve customizing the actual engagement experience.

  • Passive personalization

This approach does not actively tailor experiences to specific customers and instead involves providing enough options and flexibility to accommodate most customer preferences.

  • Productive personalization

This approach is not about engaging in deep conversations or making friends, rather it is about using contextual knowledge to reduce customer effort, route customers to the right agent or resource, and provide the fastest, most valuable solutions possible.

  • Predictive personalization

This approach is about improving a single interaction and often involves an anticipatory element.

  • Poignant personalization

Rather than optimizing the purchasing process or support experience, this approach involves building human connections with customers.

Now that John’s marketing department has a better understanding of the full personalization spectrum they can now reanalyze their marketing efforts to ensure they are connecting with their customers in the best and most efficient way possible.

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