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Most modern customer-facing organizations are now embracing the basics of digital and analytics.

The problem however is digitizing processes such as customer service removes face-to-face interactions and being able to read buying signals from body language, facial expressions, voice, and tone are even more difficult. This, in turn, makes it harder to accurately recommend products and services.

Experience analytics helps to solve this analyzing of how customers are using your website, app and other digital touchpoints through data collection on behaviors such as individual mouse clicks, hovers, app taps, scrolls, downloads, page visits, time on page, and more.

The technology then aggregates and enriches the data across different subsets of audiences and enables you to uncover actionable insights.

Understanding the digital footprint and behavior of customers can help you to create experiences that get customers through the funnel faster, making them happy and loyal along the way.

Find out more about customer behavior and digital analytics at the link below.