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No matter where you look or what top brand you engage with, personalized content experiences are playing a key role in engaging customers throughout the buyer’s journey.

This is one of the main reasons companies and brands are investing good time, money, and resources into technology platforms that help to create, manage, and scale personalized content experiences.

If you are looking for technology that will help you to personalize content experiences for your target audience, these questions to ask might give you some much-needed guidance.

When it comes to Centralizing Content, does the vendor:

  • Integrate with video platforms for automated media importing?
  • Pull in external blog content through RSS feeds?
  • Support document uploading or integrate with a document management platform?

When it comes to Organizing Content, does the vendor:

  • Provide tagging capabilities to organize and filter content?
  • Allow you to easily filter and/or sort content?
  • Leverage artificial intelligence and visitor data to automatically curate and recommend content?

When it comes to Personalizing Content Experiences, does the vendor:

  • Offer templates to quickly customize and design personalized experiences for prospects and customers at scale?
  • Allow you to customize the URL path of your content experiences?
  • Allow you to serve up the same content assets across multiple webpages?

Choosing the right vendor for managing your content experiences can be overwhelming at times. But once you have found a solution that works, opportunities are limitless for customer engagement, loyalty, and happiness.

Want to find out more about creating great personalized customer experiences, click the link below for more information.