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Top 5 Sales Processes that Disguise as Busy Work
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Sales are often bogged down by manual processes, the busy work of the business world.

Misinformation and misquotes increase when opportunities for human error arise, which is the reality of manually orchestrating sales systems. Extra effort to correctly prepare paperwork limits time that could be spent nailing down new leads.

However, there are ways to increase productivity by recognizing sales processes that are susceptible to busy work. Here are 5 ways to identify these types of processes so you can become more efficient:

Opportunity Management

Initial contact with a potential client result in notes and data, information that likely needs duplication to reach sales managers and other stakeholders. Automation, such as Nintex, simplifies this process while manual input leads to the same story being told in different ways.

Sales Proposal

Manual calculation and preparation of sales quotes also open the door to human error. Massive amounts of data on spreadsheets or pricing manuals can be misapplied, leading to inaccurate figures and upset customers. Automated solutions significantly cut down on the possibility of error.

Discount Approvals

Sealing the deal at the right price is critical, but doesn’t always happen in one sitting. Discounts are often necessary. Manual addition of those discounts hinders the sales process, creating bottlenecks and subsequently missed deadlines as proposals are reconfigured. Ultimately, a sale may never meet the deadline without a robust CRM system that can apply discounts.

Contract Management

Upwards of 10 percent of sales revenue is lost due to contract mismanagement, according to an Aberdeen Group Study. Processes have less of an opportunity to be a hindrance when there is an electronic assistant. Automation, among other things, allows contracts to reach stakeholders with ease and provides digital formats that offer different delivery options that a paper contract cannot.

Contract Renewal

Similarly, an automated contract process allows for easy access for renewal purposes. Manual inputting old information leads to potential errors that slow the flow of the sales process.

These 5 processes that often disguise as busy work can be eliminated by implementing automated and efficient sales management functions.

If you want to know more about how to manage sales processes so they don’t bog down your company, click the link below for more information.