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As with almost every industry, trends in affiliate marketing and advertising are constantly changing. In order to get and keep the attention of consumers who are increasingly becoming mature at doing their own research and differentiating the beneficial from the fluff, marketers must be sure they are reaching their target audience wisely. Hence, the need to know what the trends are and to keep up with them on a regular basis. Maximizing ROI, being on the edge of the market, and keeping up with where your customers want to take you are just three ways in which marketers and advertisers can stay in business.

One of the most critical decisions marketers must make, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing, is choosing which source of traffic will result in the best performance and how to effectively create a strategy that demands the attention of your target audience. The advertising focus takes a major shift to ad formats that focus on user experience and customer interests rather than just noise. It is a tough decision to make indeed, and only gets more difficult as the years roll on.

RedTrack.io, an affiliate campaign tracking and analytics platform for affiliate marketers and media buying teams alike, offers an interesting guide to help you make that critical decision. With opinions and advice from several of its top affiliates and traffic networks, you will find trending ad formats now and going forward are largely surrounding four primary types:

– Native Advertising
– Push notifications
– Mobile
– Video

While it can be hard to focus when so many things are trending, these four advertising and marketing options remains clear as these are essential channels of reality and ROI over the next few years. Download this free eBook and discover some of the key predictions about online advertising in 2019, trends in ad formats, and actionable tips to effectively work with them.