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The Way to Better Marketing Performance Begins with 4 Stages
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Marketers today are more innovative, creative, and strategic than ever. And, well, they have to be. Most everything that sells rises or falls on a solid marketing sales strategy and proper guidance of buyers through the sales funnel.

However, some marketers and hence the companies they work for aren’t feeling as if they are so ahead of the game. And let’s not kid ourselves: the numbers don’t lie. On sheer numbers alone, one marketer may be one step ahead of us all along, leaving us to wonder what we are doing wrong.

A marketer that is more agile and more strategic will almost always deliver better results and a much higher return on investment.

So how do good marketers become great? They work through the four stages of better marketing performance.


Moving to the cloud is almost a must and creating a set standard for your marketing investments is critical.


Set goals and create a plan to reach them along with keeping each team on track with the company’s goals.


Take risks and run marketing campaigns that drive revenue and data.


Connect to the enterprise and become more knowledgable about the benefits of a strategic plan.