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The market has shifted.

There is a seismic change happening right now in the way enterprises create websites and other digital products.

Digital products are core components of businesses and brands and customer value rises or falls based on who has the best product to fill a mass need.

As a result, the future of how websites and apps are built is all about stacks, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The digital factory provides a useful framework by which digital teams can effectively combine their skills with the new digital stack.

But every factory needs power. So, what powers a digital factory?


All digital experiences have content at the core.

With some tools, developers can also access content infrastructure through code using the language of their choice, while content teams have access to the same content through an editor app that allows them to easily add or edit content.

This collaboration mechanism allows teams to work in parallel with each other, rather than being dependent on the workflows of other departments.

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