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How Data Can Help Retailers Improve Revenue and Performance

Digital transformation, or DX, is the transformation that the processes and activities of businesses and other organizations undergo to make use of digital technology and its powerful impact on society as they aim to integrate digital technology into all aspects of their business.

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way companies work in many different ways. One of the fields that digital transformation is affecting is the field of retail. This whitepaper by the International Data Corporation discusses what the imperative response from retailers should be.

This white paper discusses how digital transformation technology has changed the way customers are dealing with businesses, and how companies in the retail industry are undergoing a shift in how they offer experiences. This shift is much more than merely tweaking existing engagement strategies, taking small steps to form new methods, or making minor investments in new digital technology; the retail industry must seize the opportunities in technology that the digital transformation is providing to businesses in order to offer customers a great relationship.

The retail industry must gain an understanding of the digital transformation, accept it, embrace it, and apply it to their business. Executives in the retailing industry who are looking to remain competitive in the new age of digital technology should read this white paper.

This whitepaper addresses how the retail industry can embrace digital transformation, the IT implications for retailers to ensure the best experience for their customers and employees, the application of advanced analytics technology, the role of hybrid IT and cloud strategies in harnessing digital transformation technologies, and the new strategies in cyber security and loss prevention for retailers.