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The Big Book of Webinar Stats

Business has always been a changing animal and one that always adapts to change readily. With the advent of digital technology and the faster speeds of the internet, one of these changes implemented is the use of streaming video. We’ve come a long way from choppy low-quality streaming services of the early 2000s. With near pristine audio and video quality these days, the webinar has become the industry-leading standard for a large group online events, to support getting your message out about your product; and the leader of this standard is GoToWebinar by LogMeIn.

Webinars have been widely used by the Software and Technology companies for the last couple of years. Other business niches have also started to see the power of this medium with their respective numbers growing in size. Nearly all trainers who use the webinar format have stated that training and learning retention have both improved greatly.

Marketers also have chimed in stating that webinars improve their marketing performance. Improved audience engagement has also improved due to the webinar concept. The days of renting out a lecture room, advertising and selling tickets and having your audience go to where you are and the associated costs are all a thing of the past with GoToWebinar.

GoToWebinar can improve your webinars on a quality level, utilizing the latest technology to showcase your presentations in the highest video quality and lowest latency which reduces jitter and lag. GoToWebinar can also record your webinars to host them as an on-demand event for later viewing and improved information retention by your audience.

GoToWebinar also utilizes the marketing aspect of your webinar by emailing your audience and reminding them of the upcoming event. Finally, GoToWebinar handles your webinar hosting with access to the event for all of your intended audience with minimal downtime. Still not convinced? Discover more stats about webinars in this guide and how GoToWebinar can help you improve your business and take it to the next level.