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The 5 Drivers of Digital Disruption
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Hi! My name is Brad. I am an IT professional that has a few years of experience working with digital distribution. As digital distributors encroach on the territory of traditional organizations with new business models, no organization, industry, or region can avoid digital distribution if they wish to survive.

Digital distributors are so successful because, while many offer services that can be found at nearby stores, they offer these services digitally and globally, making even the largest business chains obsolete.

Blockbuster, for instance, never saw Netflix as a threat and less than two years after the CEO of the video renting chain stated this, his company filed for bankruptcy.

Digital distribution is not just about offering services that can already be found on the market. It’s about offering customers convenience, something customers today require. As the internet continues to change the attitudes and desires of customers, companies must keep up to stay in business.

There are many drivers of digital distribution, one being that without implementing digital distribution into your business plan, you’re wasting resources. To ensure the success of your business, you must find new ways to generate value from unused assets and digital distribution can help you achieve that.

Another reason digital distributors are so successful is that these businesses identify ways to bypass redundant assets, like people and inefficient processes, with technology.

Digital distributors have also found ways to simplify complex and frustrating customer experiences, creating happy customers that prefer to use their business over others just like them.

By identifying ways to enable customers to access expensive or luxury services that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to purchase, digital distributors, appeal to the needs of customers they never otherwise would have acquired.

Many customers today have lost trust in large institutions providing an opportunity for digital distributors to offer peer-to-peer platforms and ways to bypass the middleman. This not only saves customers time and money but frustration as well.

When you focus on what’s ahead and how customer behavior is changing, you can offer your customers the products and services they desire, when they desire them.

Digital distribution doesn’t happen overnight though, and it’s essential to identify opportunities in your market and react to them before it’s too late.

Adopting digital distribution practices requires your company to be prepared to innovate and shake up your business model if you wish to survive.

It’s also important to not force transition on customers prematurely and to fully understand the mindset of your customers before you take on major business changes.

If you want to learn more about what drives digital disruption, click the link below for more information.