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The 5 Biggest Hurdles Customer Experience Executives Face
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There are several challenges that customer experience executives face in today’s world of digital transformation. Not surprisingly, most of them are rooted in technology.

A deep sense of urgency prevails in focusing on end-to-end customer experience initiatives, identifying cross-channel communication, and ensuring accurate journey mapping. All of this leads to the not so attractive hard work of retaining customers, increasing customer loyalty, driving revenue, and creating brand advocates.

Since there is no one channel that benefits CX, the goal is to ensure the integration of various channels so customers are served in the way they want to be served. For example, some customers prefer phone calls while others prefer emails or text messages.

The challenge comes in when it is time to differentiate your company by creating a way for customers to select how they wish to interact and want to be interacted with. Customer experience executives face these five hurdles as well:

1…Too many channels

Experiences take place across multiple channels and devices. Without a unified system to combine relevant data, it is almost impossible to maintain consistent brand messaging.

2…The CX technology landscape

Technologies are coming up fast and it can be difficult to convince leaders of other departments to support a new system. For this reason, customer communications management software is available for existing systems.


It is challenging to put a price tag on the customer experience. Without being able to quantify the value of investing in customer experience, gaining monetary support could prove to be difficult.


CX leaders must ensure goals are well-defined and help employees to understand how the company goals must align with the goals of the customers.


There are many moving parts that help to create the customer experience. From contracts to welcome packages and invoices to confirmations, CX executives must be responsible for engaging the entire organization in the process.

As customer experience becomes more important, companies are swiftly moving to provide support and funding for the customer experience executive role. CX continues to be an emerging field and managing the affairs of a reinvented customer experience regardless of device, time, or channel is one of the top priorities of any business.

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