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What It Takes to Deliver the Experience Your Customers Want
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Over the years, businesses have passed through various concept stages, the first of which was the production concept. The production concept, however, was only about producing and didn’t place much focus on the customer. It followed the belief that customers will favor products that are available and highly affordable.

Then came the product concept, which focused on the product: nicer, better, cheaper…but it still did not focus on the customer’s needs.

This was followed by the selling concept, which was all about selling. It involved aggressive selling to any customer.

The marketing concept that followed was the first approach that fulfilled the needs of a marketing strategy: Building profitable long-term relationships by maximizing value for the customer. This also served as the basis for the societal marketing concept. The societal marketing concept considered what the customer wanted immediately, but also looked at what society would want in the future.

Companies today are moving towards a newer concept: the customer-centric concept. The customer is now king, and all the efforts of business revolve around the customer’s satisfaction and adding value to his or her life.

Luckily for marketers today, it is now possible to deliver on the increasingly high expectations of customers. Marketing platforms use artificial intelligence marketing and machine learning to collect and analyze large chunks of customer data to craft detailed customer profiles. In turn, marketers can leverage these profiles to create highly targeted and personalized content, campaigns, incentives, and experiences.

Marketers today need only to understand the demands and expectations that a customer has for their company. Then and only then, can they deliver a great customer experience.

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