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Smart Marketers Are Adopting Agile Marketing
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Agile marketing is a fairly new trend, but it is much more than a buzzword these days.

It’s a solid approach to development that responds to change instead of following a concrete plan, involves tests, analytics, measures, and data instead of conventional tactics and status quo traditional methods, covets flexibility over stiff planning, and embraces teamwork and collaboration over hierarchy.

The concept of agility comes from software developers in 2001. Developers found themselves constantly changing software for fluid customers and competitive markets.

Thus, to stay in the game and eventually get ahead, they took on smaller projects that allowed for in-depth reviews after completion, so they could make any changes in strategy to the next round of offerings.

Companies such as IBM, Xerox, and even Coca-Cola are using agile marketing to their benefit.

What are the main benefits of agile marketing?

1 Better prioritization

2 Improved measurability

3 Higher productivity

4 Better results

5 Improved marketing effectiveness

6 Boosted staff morale

7 Enhanced customer satisfaction