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Self-Service Analytics The Unseen Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Utilizing analytics used to be a time-consuming and tedious process of poring over sheets of data and formulating possible outcomes based on the data you’ve read. This process may have worked well back in 1979, but 40 years have passed and it’s now 2019. Times have changed and the sense of urgency has changed as well for the better.

The simple fact is, people just don’t have the time anymore to slave over reports and calculations for days on end. This is where self-service analytics come into play, SSA has a few small goals to achieve. Provide enough data to provoke people to answer and ask questions with the provided data. Encourage people to share their thoughts and insight within their group and the rest of the organization. And certainly, last but not least, make sure that the data behind the decision-making is accurate.

To launch a successful self-service analytics at your company: build up your environment quickly to create value fast, monitor and oversee what’s being used and what’s not, encourage your users to Utilize analytics and be self-reliant, and finally, standardize and centralize your data models.