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Retail and E-commerce Trends

EMarketer estimates that e-commerce sales make up 9% of total retail outlays. With e-commerce being so important, it is essential to understand key trends and challenges of e-commerce today. The fact that the top ten retailers make up nearly two-thirds of all US retail e-commerce sales, as eMarketer estimates, it is important, now more than ever, to know the best ways to compete with these retailers so your business to survive.

There might be many mom and pop stores selling valuable goods but when compared to large retailers, it is very difficult for them to survive. The best way for your small business to survive is to understand key trends and challenges your e-commerce retail store faces. Knowing this information will make it much easier for you to compete in the retail market.

EMarketer has compiled their forecast and ranking of e-commerce retailers in the U.S. Presented by Sitecore, this white paper will help you understand the key trends that will make your business much more successful and any challenges you may face with your e-commerce retail business. Look at this comprehensive white paper to increase your knowledge about e-commerce retail.