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The Internet has brought wonderful changes to our modern world with improved communications and closer-knit communities. The internet has also brought the ability to meet people from different countries all with a few clicks. At first, there was a huge stigma placed on meeting people online. This stigma also expanded into customer service and customer databases. Most businesses in the late 1990s couldn’t develop their consumer databases via internet sales because most consumers were very leery of sharing personal information with a company online.

These days, that stigma for both dating and shopping are gone and most people have traded their initial fears for personal convenience. Today, many people are willing to share information about themselves online to develop a relationship with a business or brand they trust. Every day, you read more stories about couples meeting and eventually marrying due to online channels. This is also true within the business as there have been many companies that have flourished due to their spotless online reputation and making their customers happy.

As with an actual relationship with a significant other, it’s key to not lose the plot with your online customers. Too many mistakes or dereliction of your duties and your customers will leave you and find a new suitor. The key takeaway from utilizing your database and finding out more about your customers is to treat them like you would your real-life partner. Tend to the relationship and “water the grass” every so often with friendly correspondence and coupons to entice them back in and you’ll do well in retaining your customer base going forward.