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This Omnichannel Grocery report explains how the more significant shift toward digital trade has transformed how customers shop, pay and purchase their groceries and how grocers have to review their digital offerings to satisfy their customers’ omnichannel preferences.

This report presents the result of our survey, which comprised a census-balanced panel of 2,066 U.S. customers. This report will help you understand how consumers’ usage of digital shopping channels has evolved since the start of the pandemic. It also measures their interest in utilizing digital payment methods to pay for their purchases and identifies the demographic groups that demonstrate the highest interest in using these digital shopping and payment options to purchase their groceries.


What’s more? This report contains the most valuable insights that will boost the sales of grocers. For instance, do you know that grocers stand a chance to win more than 65 million new customers by offering touchless payment options? The draw of touchless payment experiences is most vital among the 63.9 percent of consumers — 120 million individuals — who use both in-store and online purchasing channels. And what if we told you that 17% of consumers have been shopping in stores less and online more since the Covid-19 pandemic began. This report helps to put context to why more customers are using digital channels for their grocery purchases.

Are you ready to adapt and meet your consumers’ increasing appetites for omnichannel shopping and payment experiences? Then take the first step now by downloading this report. We guarantee it’ll help you gain a competitive edge in today’s developing digital-first grocery market.