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One of the main factors involved in enterprise marketing is personalization. Delivering an effective, engaging, and unique experience through data is what most customers demand.

But, how do we get to that happy medium between what customers want and what companies should provide?

Today, most marketers struggle with creating personalization strategies and experience a host of technical challenges such as data silos and issues with quality control.

Executives are seeking to bring data, people, and resources together to deliver a much more personalized customer experience across multiple digital channels.

Let’s discuss a few tools and strategies that your marketing department can use to achieve success and value through personalized customer experience.

1–Customers come first.

To drive growth, creating online customer interaction is key because customers appreciate personalization.

2–Customer data is important, no matter the source.

It is critically important to integrate internal and external data that relates to transactions and customers through leveraging essential technologies that use customer data platforms and help to resolve identities collected from data sources into profiles.

3–Look deeper into the data.

Remember that a strategy for personalization is, in fact, a data strategy. It’s critical for marketing leaders to look past basic marketing segmentation and further into lifestyle and purchasing behavior. These capabilities can be successfully delivered via customer loyalty programs and mobile apps.

4–Leverage automation to scale.

To create greater customer personalization, many enterprise organizations are making greater efforts to centralize their data. This is achieved by using AI-based applications to achieve customer personalization.

5–Keep a human touch.

Although AI can help to fuel initiatives such as rewards, loyalty, and feedback programs, marketers shouldn’t rely on it completely as doing so can remove personal engagement. A holistic humanistic approach combined with AI can result in greater customer loyalty and retention.

If you want to find out more about how to implement personalization at scale, click the link below for more information.