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Is Your Organization Digital Ready_
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Hi! My name is Keith.

As an HR professional, I’ve seen many organizations try to get their companies digital-ready. But, what exactly does it mean to be digital-ready and why should your organization change?

Digitalization means integrating computerized technology into virtually every aspect of your organization. Technological innovations enable your company to execute business strategies in ways that were never before possible. Making your organization digital-ready means being equipped to compete in a world where technology has permeated every aspect of work and life.

Since the underlying psychology of people does not evolve as fast as technology, by understanding the core psychological elements that impact your organization, you can more clearly identify what you must do to create a digital-ready company. So, why should your organization become digital-ready?

  • Whatever your company is doing now, it is the wrong thing to be doing two years from now. In our digital world, technological innovations create constant and significant market disruptions, process transformations, and shifting business conditions. Your company must adapt to these changes or quickly fall behind. The first step to becoming a digital organization is making people aware of how digitalization is changing the world of work.
  • The success of your company requires getting people to do things in the future that are different from what they did in the past. People do not fear change but instead, they fear poorly managed change. You must create an environment where your employees feel change brings more opportunities than threats and fortunately, the digitalization of work has led to an explosion of innovation in technology to support workforce development and productivity.
  • Any process designed more than three years in the past is based on out-of-date technology which means the process was designed under a lot of constraints that no longer exist. Your company must regularly update processes or fall behind the competition. Companies that fail to leverage this technology and that rely on outdated staffing systems will find their global business failing simply because they cannot effectively recruit and engage qualified candidates in different parts of the world.

Since the ability of leaders to effectively manage roles, resources and relationships will always determine the success of an organization, when you become digital-ready, you’ll ensure that success for your company.
If you want to learn more about how your organization can become digital-ready, click the link below for more information.