The Importance of Account-Based Marketing in Your B2B Marketing Strategy - Download White Paper (PDF)

The Importance of Account-Based Marketing in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Account-based marketing or ABM is one of the most talked about trends in the B2B marketing space. It is quickly evolving into a trusted marketing strategy in which some marketers have readily advanced and others are still testing out. It is also a strategy that is not without its questions:

  • Just how essential is account-based marketing to my organization’s success?
  • What challenges are my peers facing when leveraging account-based marketing?
  • How is ROI from account-based marketing being measured?

So, exactly what is account-based marketing?

ABM is a B2B marketing strategy that focuses sales and marketing resources on targeted clients’ accounts within a specific market. An important goal of ABM is to identify employees at a specific company who are researching products and services, and then customize sales programs and marketing messages to meet the needs of buyers and influencers at that company.

As ABM evolves from a new, cutting edge tactic into a well-known, trusted strategy, it is increasingly necessary for marketers to understand its importance.

According to a study conducted by Oracle and Argyle among B2B marketers, as many as 48% of respondents believe that ABM is a very important tool for a company’s marketing strategy, and 16% believe ABM is crucial for a company’s success. Additionally, 52% of respondents said that ABM was a strategy that perfectly complemented a company’s various marketing components and efforts.

ABM is here to stay – are you ready for it?

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