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How to Power Experiences through Content
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Hi! My name is Phil. I’m the head of marketing for a medium-sized company and I’m looking to accelerate content velocity to electrify the experiences I offer to audiences.

As customer expectations for brand experiences continue to rise exponentially, I need to engage my customers quickly and seamlessly across every channel and screen. I know that with the right content management platform, I can easily meet and exceed customer expectations, especially if I use a platform that includes secure scaling capabilities, offers the maximum impact with data and intelligence, and generates contextually relevant content continually and quickly.

While I know I have an excellent platform in my arsenal to help me offer better experiences through content, I’m not sure how to optimally utilize this platform. I decided to learn more about my content management platform and learned how I can better utilize it to create more engaging, powerful experiences for my audiences. I learned that:

I need to keep content flowing to power experiences. Thanks to the explosion of connected devices, the demand for even more content to produce fluid experiences is on the rise. Since fluid experiences bend to customer interests, needs, and desires, fluid experiences are optimal content and experiences delivered across touchpoints and formats and adapted to the context. By using the intelligence of context with an understanding of the customer’s journey, I’ll be able to deliver the most relevant brand experiences to build better customer relationships and loyalty.

I also learned that I need to transmit content at a high speed to avoid brownouts or blackouts. I can’t afford for the flow of my content to be slowed or stopped, even temporarily. To meet the increasing demand for high-impact, personalized content that customers want, it is essential that I drive content velocity.

Content velocity is the ability to discover, manage, create, personalize, deliver, and measure the performance of content at scale and speed. If I want my organization’s content to supply experience all along the customer journey, I must break down the barriers impending content flow.

Another way I learned to power experiences through content is with user-generated content. This type of content sparks engagement and most consumers trust recommendations from their peers over other forms of advertising.

Also, most adults online read what other people post about when it comes to products and services so if I ask my audience to submit user-generated content, I’ll not only make them feel more included with my marketing process but they’ll, in turn, include other members of my audience.

Now that I have a better understanding of how to power audience experiences through content, I’m ready to successfully offer my audiences better experiences with my company.

If you want to learn more about how to power experiences through content, click the link below for more information.