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How to Improve Online Performance Monitor, Optimize, Validate

Once a company establishes an online presence, the variables to assess performance immediately quadruple since there is no geographic or demographic barrier limiting an audience.

This complexity brings inconsistent performance across devices, locations, and network connections, which leads to slowdowns and errors, and even availability or business continuity challenges.

Online users have become highly demanding and quickly lose patience and trust when digital experiences don’t meet their expectations. But when the dynamic, engaging, and personalized content that users demand–differentiating your business and brand–is the very thing that’s creating poor performance, you need actionable intelligence to fix it.

To strike the right balance between rich and responsive online experiences, executives must assess user behavior based on various parameters such as geography, network and device access, as well as how those factors impact the way your application is used.

Here is a whitepaper that talks about how you can monitor, optimize, and validate user experiences to maximize online revenue.