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How to Grow Your Big Event Bigger
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Thanks to the trends of Instagram and Snapchat stories, people are able to attend more events now than ever before. This means hosting a big event could gain a lot of traction. This also means that if you make your big event bigger, you could also convert more leads.

If Amy’s event on influencer marketing campaigns wants to reach beyond the regular 50 people that always show up to her events, she has to do a lot more than posting a message on social media or telling her friends and co-workers to tell the people they know.

Here are some ways both you and Amy can grow your big events bigger:

Email Marketing

A recent study found that marketers can improve conversion by 355% — and increase revenues by 781% — all by sending more targeted emails.

No matter what you might have heard, email is not dead. Therefore, as a marketer, you must make optimum use of this marketing channel.

Organic Social Media

Ideally, you’ve already cultivated a following on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let these followers on social media know about your upcoming event and let them buy tickets as soon as possible.

Paid Social Media

Research from Ogilvy & Mather indicates that even Facebook Pages with 500,000+ likes may only be able to reach 2% of their audience. Therefore, you must make use of paid social media ads in order to expand your reach.

To do this, you must segment your target audiences thoroughly on the basis of demographics, geography and psychography.

Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertising

When you want to promote your event anywhere online, Google AdWords is your destination. Google’s advertising platform helps the world reach your most valuable customers on YouTube, Google Search, mobile apps, and over two million websites.


What happens when an interested event-goer lands on your event page, but never finishes buying a ticket or registering for your event? You can use retargeting to make sure that they hit “buy” and complete the process.

Once you understood these primary aspects of marketing your event, you must make a decision about which ones you will use. To do this, ask yourself two questions:

  •  Does this network make sense for the content I am producing?
  •  Do my potential attendees spend time there?

Once you have the answers to these two important questions, you are well on your way to developing an event marketing strategy that works.

If you want to gain more in-depth knowledge about how to grow your event from big to biggest, click the link below for more information.