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How to Drive Business Growth with Great Customer Experience

It is difficult for CX professionals to show the connection between improving CX and making a positive business impact. Forrester has put together a report that explains how business and customer loyalty growth is connected with providing great customer experience. Forrester has explained in depth of the importance of investing in customer experience.

Forrester’s report for customer experience professionals used industry-specific models to show how improving CX drives business growth. To prove this, they used data from their CX index methodology to show how changes in customer experience affected growth potential for the 17 industries they studied in their report. Forrester also explains the growth opportunities for businesses from improving CX and how this varies depending on the industry.

In this whitepaper, CX professionals will be able to better quantify their customer experience efforts and be able to explain to their company why it is necessary to invest in customer experience improvements. Learn more about how CX makes a significant business impact with this whitepaper.