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How to Build a Great Service Strategy
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As your products and production technologies evolve, so do the customers. And with their evolution, comes the imminent need to innovate and develop customer services.

Customer service is not what it used to be. Earlier, you’d simply close the deal and your job was done. But now, the service begins the moment the customer makes contact with you and goes on forever.

In order to provide a great service strategy, you need to follow a framework that covers all aspects of the process.

Here is the 4 stage framework:

STAGE 1: Deciding on a better way

You must first identify the shortcomings of your current customer service strategy. This can be done in a number of ways including through surveys or blueprint analysis.

STAGE 2: Tracking new customer behavior

You must also identify and track the shifts in customer behavior and the causes for it.

STAGE 3: Improving the quality of customer engagement

Once the key metrics have been identified, you need to start plotting all the points of contact, that is, the customer engagement points. Then find out the ones that display maximum return tendencies and work towards improving those.

STAGE 4: Optimizing your engagement mix

After a thorough analysis, create the perfect engagement mix for your target market. One key process here is to continue monitoring these processes and fixing any broken joints.

Having a go-to service or strategy will help you to spot observable customer behavior and get involved much earlier in the process of engagement.

If you want to know more about ways to build a great service strategy, click the link below for more information.