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4 Steps to Turning Your Finances into Powerful Analytics
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Did you know that the right marketing strategies and investments can drastically drive value for your enterprise?

As a marketer, you can increase your high-performance efforts and create enterprise value with proper investments like location intelligence.

Despite the advances in media measurement, analytics, models, and attribution, most CMOs still struggle to quantify and communicate the value their marketing creates for their organization.

By taking advantage of data, including location-based data insights and understanding, you can prove your significant value by improving measurement competency, customer understanding, and marketing effectiveness.

By deploying data-driven marketing performance systems to make better decisions about marketing resource allocations and creating better brand, engagement, demand generation, and sales outcomes, you can achieve better returns on marketing investments and higher levels of growth performance.

To become a high-performing marketer and generate superior growth performance, you need to integrate data from many touch points, channels, and devices. This will not only allow you to build better marketing attribution but performance models as well.

Enterprise value is now composed of marketing-driven intangibles. These intangible assets like brand momentum, customer experience, and the perceptions of your product and service quality now make up over 80% of shareholder value and drive stock prices.

Without common marketing measurement standards and data-driven insights into how marketing investments contribute to enterprise value though, many enterprises are struggling to make the critical trade-off, reallocation, and risk management decisions required to remain competitive in the dynamic and rapidly changing marketplace.

There are many strategic value drivers of enterprise value including brand value, customer equity, organizational compliance, marketing effectiveness, digital growth platforms, and the quality of people and products in your organization.

By investing in marketing accountability and data-driven marketing approaches, you can achieve better returns on marketing investments and prove your growth performance to shareholders.

When you also invest in emerging digital, mobile, and social resources, you can better understand new customer behavior and preferences to be able to better accommodate and engage your evolving customers.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the right marketing strategies and investments can drive value for your enterprise, you ’re ready to successfully implement emerging digital investments like location intelligence.

If you want to learn more about How Marketing Strategies and Investments Drive Enterprise Value, click the link below for more information.