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How Customers Get Lost Between Store and Site

Many customers today begin their shopping journey online before they visit a physical store location. This can become an issue and stores can lose out on a purchase if they don’t offer a smooth multi-channel journey to their customers. Customers today expect a seamless retail journey but because stores do not have a bounce rate, it is easy for customers to fall through the cracks and for retailers to miss these customers, losing out on sales.

With Cloud Connect technology, though, this gap between digital and physical environments can be connected, making customers more satisfied with their shopping experience and stores less likely to miss out on sales. Cloud Connect has integrated the best online and in-store features to improve the customer experience your business offers.

With Cloud Connect technology like in-store tablets, retail assistants can provide the best customer service possible and find any item a customer saw online in the store. Learn more about Cloud Connect technology and how they can help you provide a seamless customer experience in this comprehensive whitepaper.