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How Cloud Ecosystems Could Become the New Customer Experience
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Hi! My name is Robert and I’m a marketing professional.

The cloud platform is no longer a tactical solution but rather a strategic enabler of connected economies forcing technology leaders to orchestrate cloud ecosystems that connect employees, customers, partners, vendors, and devices to serve rising customer expectations. As more and more organizations shift from being mere cloud adopters to becoming stewards of their own ecosystems, let’s take a look at a few reasons cloud ecosystems could become the new customer experience.

Reason 1) Vendors Will Deliver New Customer Solutions-as-a-Service

Products and services are converging in the new cloud ecosystem provide a foundation for companies in every industry to deliver everything-as-a-service. Some manufacturers are even thinking about how to sell products-as-a-service such as appliances-as-a-service or airplanes-as-a-service. From on-demand insurance-as-a-service to meals-as-a-service, no industry segment is immune from as-a-service disruption.

Reason 2) Your Business is Under Threat

Cloud economies mean that new competition can come from outside your industry just as frequently as from inside. Since multiple cloud ecosystems will thrive and the most successful ones will be open and connected, businesses that start in the cloud and create every product as-a-service are the most existential threat because they design business processes around connected cloud services from the beginning without the transformation costs and risks that others will face.

Reason 3) You Must Operate Like a Cloud Provider

As you create your cloud ecosystem, remember: you build it, you run it. It’s imperative that you make sure you have the right cloud security, cost, performance, and governance frameworks and the technologies to support them. Adopting a cloud maturity assessment tool can help you identify gaps in your cloud strategy and assess your cloud readiness.

The cloud platform has come to define services that businesses use but the full model of an economy based on the cloud platform means that your business and the cloud must become inseparable

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