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How CIAM Can Boost Customer Engagement
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Hi! My name is Craig and I’m a marketing professional.

CIAM or customer identity and access management systems are essential to creating trusted digital relationships at an organization. With a CIAM system, it can be very easy to improve customer engagement efforts and boost a company’s bottom line.

Since CIAM systems let organization’s build a customer identity-centered digital platform, the same digital identities can be used across omnichannel devices, allowing customers to interact with businesses from anywhere, on any device.

Let’s take a look at a few ways CIAM can help companies improve their customer engagement efforts.


Customers often buy multiple insurance policies and would like to have all the policies associated with their digital identity organized in one place. This would not only make it easier for customers to manage, buy, and make changes to their policies, but make payments, get quotes, and obtain documents, from anywhere, at any time, as well. When a company is able to understand and assist customers better, they open up opportunities to offer additional policies the customer may be interested in.

Set-Top Box

When customers log-in to their set-top box, it can pull up preferred shows, genres, and actors, and even suggest similar ones as well. Set-top boxes even understand who is watching TV and what their preferences are.

CIAM-enabled set-top boxes are not only able to deliver content to users based on the policies associated with their identities but can also make intelligent decisions about who is able to watch what, when, and where. Integrating CIAM with set-top boxes improve customer engagement by offering the experiences customers want, when they want them.


Since CIAM can deliver new applications to anything that can be an application platform, it’s the norm nowadays to have watches connected to credit cards, shoes connected to laptops, and hats connected to Bluetooth.

With the number of choices customers have today when it comes to connected gear, and that number continuing to increase, CIAM is essential to provide ways for us to receive any application or service on our device of choice — even if we’re wearing it.

CIAM uses real-time context and data to personalize experiences for customers. When CIAM is integrated properly, an organization will have no issue improving their customer engagement efforts.

If you want to learn more about how CIAM can improve customer engagement efforts, click the link below for more information.