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The 3 Step Formula for Your Next B2B Marketing Campaign
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There are so many different formulas and strategies out there that you could focus your time on when it comes to creating the best marketing campaign ever.

But history shows us that there some really simple words to keep in mind when it comes to marketing.

From Julius Ceasar to Jesus Christ and from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama – it is people like this that have epitomized what it means to communicate and market – and communicate and market well.

So, here it is. And, yes, it is so, so, so simple.


It’s likely not new and probably not as revelatory and entertaining as you might have thought but relevance, entertainment, and effectiveness are the keys to great marketing.

Relevant. Your message should be singularly focused, personalized, and exactly what the audience needs right now. What makes your solution the best and how can you prove it?

Entertainment. Of course, everybody has their own view of what is entertaining and what is not. Some people like Mad Men while others before Grey’s Anatomy. Digital data is focused on entertainment and an entertaining marketing strategy is likely to get your engagement.

Effective. If you have the first two points down right, it can lead you nowhere but to results. It doesn’t matter what metrics you before to analyze – clicks, views, downloads, enquiries, brand recognition, or purchases. An effective campaign is one that brings results.

See, a great marketing campaign is simple. Be relevant. Be entertaining. Be effective.

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