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Explaining the Changing Role of Analytics
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Meet Jeff.

Jeff has been an analyst for over 30 years and has seen his role change drastically as new technology has entered the scene.

While his role as an analyst might have changed a few times over the years, his goal has remained the same: to explore data, discover opportunities, and answer questions that arise along the way.

For Jeff to effectively prove any point he is trying to make, his data must be relevant and understandable. For his data to be relevant, Jeff must perform a data analysis and for his data to be understandable, Jeff must turn his data into a visual representation.

All types of businesses are looking to empower employees to leverage data to make informed decisions, which is reflected in the increased adoption of self-service visual BI solutions. These solutions give analysts like Jeff the insight needed to make smarter decisions, faster.

Jeff is thinking about how analytics has changed and the different roles it is playing in his career. Here are the changing roles of analytics Jeff has recently noticed.

Visual Analytics is data access, discovery, exploration, and information-sharing elevated by visual interactivity. Data analysis and visualization give users observable feedback as they analyze data and put the power of exploration in their hands, allowing them to work the way they think.

Advanced Analytics is smart, automated, or otherwise advanced data access, discovery, exploration, and information-sharing, meant to push the boundaries of traditional analytics. With advanced analytic techniques, Jeff can discover deeper insights from data, make predictions, and offer recommendations.

The Cycle of Analytics is the stage associated with data access, discovery, exploration, and information sharing. Jeff understands that analytics is a process and should be designed to mirror the way people think. Analytics begins with asking questions about data and includes sharing the insights he discovers.

As more data becomes available each day, the decisions Jeff makes on behalf of his business are increasingly important and he must look to technology to help him organize and analyze that data.

If you want to learn about the changing role of analytics and how it may affect your business, click the link below for more information.