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The Evolution of Stock Photography
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How mouth-watering does salad look when you see a photo of a woman sitting at a table with a bowl of salad in front of her?

Well, that depends on the quality of the photo that the photographer has taken.

There are millions of good quality stock photos that are available at premium rates and are used by various organizations for their branding or marketing work.

Stock photography has always been a critical component of every designer’s work. When used in the right way, it creates a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

Today, it is easy to access stock galleries whenever we need to, but this was not always the case.

Many years ago, when a stock image was needed, a person had to dial a local stock house and give a description of the requirement. Then there would be a long waiting period during which a staff member of the stock house would search for and then deliver a bunch of slides with images in them.

Technology has now become so advanced that it has changed the entire process of stock image collection and usage. After slides with images came images on CDs which expedited the process to some extent.

Today, we have online portals where designers can subscribe to access stock images. Designers and photographers can submit their requirements on the portal and the requested images are displayed after only a few clicks.

When it comes to stock images, designers and photographers must be open to serendipity, willing to select a number of images and put them together to create an original and remove distractions such as watermarks in order to alter or create the perfect image for a project.

Stock images and libraries have come a long way in terms of breadth, quality, and efficiency. Today, it can play a critical role in the development and improvement of content, spurring imagination, creativity, and good first impressions.

For more details on how stock photography evolved and on what the market looks like today, click the link below for more information.