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Every Marketer Needs These 8 Reports
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Marketing is a complicated industry. What works and what doesn’t work is constantly changing which demands that marketers must also change with it.

While executives care less about beautified metrics and more about its relation to the company bottom line, marketers must understand and be able to talk about the impact of investment and quantifiable results.

To do this effectively, there are 8 important reports that marketers need to be aware of:

#1 TOFU lead analysis, this is top of the funnel lead analysis metrics which answer which leads are most cost effective and which programs bring in the most highly qualified leads.

#2 MOFU opportunity analysis, this is the middle of the funnel analysis that addresses which program are better for ROI.

#3 Program channel performance, helps to determine which channels are best for which targets and opportunities.

#4 Group by vendor/channel for more insights, allows you to examine paid programs side by side and analyze data across a single vendor and channel.

#5 Content program performance, gives you access to a database of new leads that fit your specifications and shows what content works for which audiences.

#6 Content impact through first-touch and multi-touch analysis, gives you an overall picture of content performance across all channels of marketing.

#7 Opportunity influence, allows you to track touch points of influence with decision-makers are different points throughout the sales funnel

#8 Pipeline to investment, allows you to track program channels alongside investments, first-touch and multi-touch opportunities, and ratio.