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Enhancing the Customer Experience with Application Analytics

There is a plethora of apps on the market today making it one of the primary ways businesses engage with customers. This makes having access and visibility to the application delivery data of any app you have on the market extremely important. With this access and visibility, you’ll be able to provide a much better experience for your customers.

As the amount of mobile increases each year, it is essential to offer your customers a mobile-friendly way to interact with your company and be able to analyze any data you receive from these apps to enhance the experience your customers have with your business. With the amount of data being collected from a multitude of sources, though, utilizing that data can become very tough. As more apps are added to the virtual infrastructure, more cloud-based apps are being developed using microservices.

Citrix has put together a comprehensive white paper that outlines the importance of having an application performance management platform that is able to analyze all the data coming into your company and to help you improve your customer experience efforts. Improving the customer experience is essential for any company that needs customers to survive so if you’re in that group, take a look at this whitepaper to better understand how to choose the best application performance management platform that will suit your needs.