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The world of marketing and acquiring customers has been a changing landscape over the past decade. With the advent of the internet, the way that marketing is conducted has undergone a sea change. Instead of mailing out fliers and correspondences, companies are now conducting the majority of their business online in the form of emails and websites.

With a vast majority of consumers communicating with companies through email, the choice is apparent to bolster this facet of marketing. CRMIT handles all email marketing for its clients and focuses on all the facets of a good email campaign. What facets make up a successful campaign? How can you retain the customers you already have and grab new ones? Those questions can be answered in the latest whitepaper from CRMIT.

This whitepaper covers how to engage the audience with stellar copy and phrases to hook them and grab their interest. A strong CTA (Call-To-Action) should always be included in your emails as well as the personalization to your individual client. Nobody likes to get a poorly-written letter that makes you question whether a robot or a human wrote it. Utilizing data and information on your subject will help you to craft a unique and compelling email to garner interest in your product. From knowing what to construct in the emails to utilizing a dedicated IP address, all facets of email marketing are covered here.

These facets are just a small sample of what you’ll learn in the CRMIT whitepaper about email marketing. Staying relevant and ahead of the curve is so important to today’s changing trends and landscape of business. Don’t get lost in the shuffle or get left behind, download this whitepaper today from CRMIT.