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Eliminate Busy Work by Automating These Sales Processes
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Hi! My name is Cory.

As a sales professional, I understand how time-consuming repetitive tasks can be and how much they can hinder a sales professional.

Since selling services and products is paramount to any organization’s success, let’s take a look at a few sales processes that can be automated so your sales teams can put their talents to better use for the company.

Process 1) Sales Proposal

It’s important to utilize digital workflows to simplify collaboration and effectively manage sales proposals through their lifecycle. Automating the sales proposal process will not only ensure that your sales reps have the right pricing information and automated workflows to manage and control discounts but also regulate access of sales quotes to and from CRM systems, cloud data repositories and Electronic Document Management systems. Automating the sales proposal process will save your sales reps a lot of time and help eliminate mistakes caused by human error.

Process 2) Discount Approvals

Since the price can make or break a sale, it’s important to have a process in place that automatically triggers approval workflows when an opportunity record in the CRM system is updated with a discount. By automating your discount approvals process, you can set alerts to make sure reviewers and sales managers don’t miss approval requests and use workflow analytics to identify bottlenecks in the approval process. This will guarantee your sales reps more sales and more revenue for the organization.

Process 3) Contract Renewals

Customer retention is critical for sales teams, so being able to connect multiple CRMs automatically is essential for the success of your business. By automating your contract renewals process, you’ll not only be able to retrieve relevant details from past contracts and calculate projections for the coming year, but also auto-generate renewal contracts that include all of the required documentation.

Sales teams are a huge reason your organization is still in business and it’s important that they don’t waste their talents on repetitive tasks. By automating your sales processes, you allow your sales reps to focus more on customer satisfaction which, in turn, creates more revenue for the company.

If you want to learn more about automating sales processes, click the link below for more information.