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Driving Brand Value With Customer-Generated Content
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Consumer generated content or CGC its ubiquitous. Consumers post almost everything they see, buy, like, review, or think is important to their social media pages, websites, and public review sites like Yelp.

Pictures of products they bought or want to buy and thoughts about services they are using or plan to use show up every day in many different forms. Such activity is a major force behind product engagement and brand value.

Several reports show that interacting with CGC is all that is needed to boot revenue and convert users into loyal buyers. According to one report, when users see content by other consumer before buying, revenue increased by 106% on retail sites and by 75% on brand websites.

Consumers are no longer passive buyers or customers led along by commercials on TV and billboards on the highway. Instead, active buyers and consumers are in control of what they want and want a say in how they get it.

CGC programs include 5 main ideas:

#1 Shoppers aren’t playing hard to get. They are hard to get.

#2 Be found, not forgotten.

#3 The revelation of relevance.

#4 Be an omnipresent brand to build consideration.

#5 Win consumers with trusted content.

With buyers running the show, marketers don’t have to spend money on excessive campaigns that may not perform well.