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Digital Trends for Customer Experience
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Many companies are searching for greater ownership and data control that is focused on compliance and consumer data protection. Although AI has gained significant popularity over the past year, there are many organizations still experiencing obstacles.

In this video, we will briefly discuss the latest digital trends for driving customer experience.

One notable trend that will only continue to increase over time is that businesses are choosing the focus on CX that is driven by technology. An average of 1 in 10 organizations consider themselves to be advanced in the area of customer experience.

If it is true that technology is the driving force for marketing and associated customer experience activities, then data is the cog that powers it forward. Many surveyed enterprise organizations believe that data-driven marketing should place a major focus on the individual. A focus on data and the individual experience will continue to be a trend in 2019 and beyond.

Another key component for the delivery of improved data-driven customer experiences is a better understanding of the individual customer journey, which ultimately holds the key to personalization.

Other trends that will continue to drive opportunities and have great potential over the next few years is augmented reality, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. Each of these emerging technologies is bound to find critical positioning when it comes to individual customer experiences.

Data control, security, and the concern for “walled gardens” will remain a key priority for companies throughout 2019 and beyond.

The limitations and imbalances placed on marketing activities continue to trend up in 2019 as many businesses have a need to reach millions of highly targeted customers in a timely way but often find themselves forced to do this strictly through Google, Facebook, and similar channels. This could lead to a reduced level of data control which invites the competitive risk of outside usage of this data which can potentially cause damage to the company’s brand.

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