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What Are Digital Marketing Hubs
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Marketers and advertisers are all racing to deliver a personalized digital experience for consumers at scale. To do this the right way, marketing professionals must integrate and coordinate data across multiple channels and devices at a quick clip and in real time.

More often than not, they are able to accomplish this through digital marketing hubs or DMHs.

A digital marketing hub is defined as the process that offers marketers a fixed access to content, analytics, and data in order to automate execution and optimize multiple channels, campaigns, and conversations in both online and offline experiences.

While a digital marketing hub is often offered alongside other applications in a cloud, extensibility is a primary benefit of this service.

Digital marketing hubs offers on four areas:

1 Master Audience Profile

This makes use of first, second, and third-party data across multiple customers and prospects in order to appropriately target offers and experiences.

2 Workflow and Collaboration

Ideation, planning, and monitoring of customer journeys and experience designs internally and externally are core parts in this area.

3 Intelligent Orchestration

Ensuring specialized channel engagement and coordination on the terms of the customer inside of multiple channels and devices is paramount.

4 Unified Measurement and Optimization

This area ties investments to outcomes in order to bring out the best decisions and yield the highest returns on investment.

If you want to know more about the benefits and uses of digital marketing hubs, click the link below for more information.