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Customer Service Trends to Understand
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Hi! My name is Stephen.

I’ve been in customer service for over 30 years now and recently, I’ve noticed many companies change operations to make customer service faster, cheaper, and more human. As customer expectation becomes harder and harder to meet, AI is reshaping customer service operations and, at the same time, improving human connections.

Here are some customer service trends taking over and ways they are expected to change the customer service game.

  • Chatbots
    Many companies are investing in chatbots to improve their customer service efforts. With chatbots, companies offer customers a self-service experience with technology that is designed to anticipate their needs and solve their problems.
  • Task Automation
    Another trend we are seeing in 2018 is task automation through AI. With AI, companies can now automate routine tasks allowing agents to focus more on complex interactions that require empathy and personalization for customers.
  • Customer Service Robots
    As our society looks for more and more ways to utilize robots, companies can now use customer service robots to collaborate with customers. Customer service robots have the ability to restock inventory, help customers find products, answer questions, conduct simple transactions, and are even equipped with touchscreens, can track a customer’s gaze, and come with voice capabilities.
  • Business Model Transformation
    Thanks to IoT insights, companies now have access to preemptive diagnostics allowing them to avoid customer complaints from broken equipment and resolve issues before they happen.

It’s important to understand customer service trends to stay ahead of the competition. Without properly understanding current customer service trends, your company is losing customers.

If you want to learn more about current customer service trends, click the link below for more information.