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Customer Journey Mapping Shows the Way
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Michelle is a marketing associate at a mid-size Utah-based company with over 300 employees.

She wants to provide the best experience for her customers and knows her first task is to understand how customers are engaging with the company.

Michelle’s friend, Casey, recently told her about customer journey mapping and how it can help guide her transformation efforts to ensure that she is addressing the most pressing needs of her customers.

After learning more about customer mapping, Michelle begins to understand the many benefits this marketing method can provide.

Two of these benefits are:

1) Efficient, effective operations.

By investing in customer journey mapping, Michelle will notice significant cohesion between sales, marketing, and operations. A clear understanding of customer experiences will make it easier for Michelle to identify where silos and gaps need attention and where collaboration is needed.

2) Enhanced customer service.

Customer journey mapping eliminates guesswork when it comes to determining how an audience will act in relevant situations because this process produces data-based research. Michelle no longer needs to apply a broad marketing approach as she has individual-focused data to guide her.

Now that Michelle knows customer journey mapping is a qualitative, quantitative, and visual consumer research process that will give her business better insights into the diverse and changing needs of her customers, she is ready to implement this process into her marketing efforts.

If you want to know more about customer journey mapping, click the link below for more information.